Hi, I’m Allan.

I’m a freelance graphic designer, web carpenter, aspiring game developer and one-man band from Sweden. I’m a total generalist so I might come across as somewhat hard to pin-point, but I’ve always loved being at the junction of art and technology and I want this site to be a hub for all the different things that I do. I’m a typical creative geek of the ’80s who grew up playing Nintendo, drawing cartoons and video game levels and then later learning to code on my first PC.

What I Do

  • Graphic & print design
  • Branding & identity
  • Exhibition design
  • Web design & dev. (WP, HTML/CSS/Sass, Zurb Foundation)
  • Game/VR development (Unity/C#, Unreal)
  • Music & sound design

Why Soldier On?

“Soldier on” means to carry on, to keep going, no matter what. I simply wanted a URL for my portfolio that’s easy to remember and makes for a nice logo.